lundi 20 décembre 2010

The snow made the shots.

there is a part of art in everything that is in front of you , it is enought to observe sometimes , the details .

Its not always about creativity but about patience and opening mind.

Observe the walls , the drops ,the shadows , the reflection of the city and put it together on a paper , no matter how , no matter when , this will open your mind
and create a new world , a world that only you can imagine on its deepest parts , on its brightest colors.


vendredi 17 décembre 2010

Good Bye california.

So , it's time , it's time to say good bye . My whole trip has been way more than i expected it to be ... on every side . I saw beautiful landscapes and surfed amazing waves and the most important i met so many amazing people , creative people , happy people , generous people. My inspiration is now on its best mood and i am ready to start to write down on a white paper all my projects and ideas to let the dream as hight as it is right now. I am grateful to be a part of what we call an opportunity to have the most interesting and lovely life that you can have by believing in your dreams and i now belive that dreams can come true...i Just realised one and , dreams show way more in real than just in your imagination.. so i tell myself.. continue , continue to dream and make it happen then come back with a thousand smiles , share and do it again . Life is not too great , life is just perfectly great when you believe , life makes you strong nevermind what happen , you always at least early or late come back with a smile at the end of you journey. I am now full of love and that gives me warmth to land on my lovely iced France . Margaux.
Last surf at Pipes.

Dane peterson credit . sano sunday.
Last sunset Grandview street Oside.
i was living for 3 month with Brandon LOmax and Kassia meador we all get a family tatoo .. One flower that came out of my imagination right on our bodies.

Marqués à vie je suis une partie de vous . 3 mois et je vous dit aurevoir .

Keep a breast sings for love.

My dreamy eyes on Alysse fisher's Cast For Keep A Breast . Alysse is an amazing friend and very talented Soul and blues singer . I was glad to paint my first Cast For keep a Breast that i support and am proud to be an abassador since now 2 years ... To be continued...


dimanche 12 décembre 2010

Floraison de fibre de glass.

I went to the desert.

Je suis allée dans le desert californien , il faisait frais à San diego , mais le sunset croisé sur la route a rechauffé les montagnes de rochers pour atteindre deux jours chaud et ensoleillés a observer une des merveilles du monde. Keep a Breast christmas hotness holiday.

samedi 11 décembre 2010

Les pointillés.

lundi 6 décembre 2010

Dane eye lens .

What i call a productive day in California . Dane peterson Photography .

samedi 4 décembre 2010

La femme in california.

French show
Photo : Kassia meador lens


Miss Charlotte Hand from australia just setted up a blog about RAW FOOD . I think you should have a look and learn about your own body health and the way to feed it as better as you can .
"its a raw food blog
im a raw foodist and trying to teach everyone about the benefits of nutrition you get from eating foods in there natural state.
i want all my friends to be healthy which leads to complete happiness.
(raw food traduit la nourriture crue en français tout ce qui n'est pas cuit .)
it mainly consists of everything in its whole form .
but its not well known about how it can transform someone and make them the radiate
with shine in there skin, hair body, your body works differently.
cooking food destroys nutrients and makes alot of people really deficient thats why there are diseases such as cancer.And you can feel how that food affects you and make better food choices
for complete health.
well thats why i started a blog ,so everyone can look , and ill post raw recipes that have nothing cooked.
Im still learning more, forever learning but i really want to share everything ive learnt.
Influence people to make small changes and never have to deal with disease and sickness."
I Can't wait to go to australia.